5 tips to overcome the pain of losing a bet at the last minute and 5 doubts that we all had had when we started in sports betting

5 tips to overcome the pain of losing a bet at the last minute and 5 doubts that we all had had when we started in sports betting

We know it. We may be facing one of the worst sensations you will experience at some point (if you have not already experienced it) when you start betting regularly. Yes, friends, we mean losing a sports bet, which we had almost won, on the game’s last play. So that a bad experience does not make your existence bitter, here we bring you some practical tips to overcome it.

Who are we trying to fool? When we make our first sports bets, we have more doubts. As nobody is born to learn, and here we are to make you earn more money with your online soccer bets, we bring you the most frequent questions (and answers) that we have when we started betting. Because the only way to know how to bet and start winning from minute 1 on Bet20 is to know all the answers.

                             Do not sing victory before time

This is basic advice in life, but in betting, you better have it tattooed on your brain if you don’t want to suffer what is not written. In football, everything can change in a minute, so you better not start celebrating anything before the referee whistles the end of the game. Because if things go wrong at the last moment, the fall will be more painful.

                                   Don’t torture yourself

Yes, it sucks to lose a bet at the last minute, but you don’t have to take the whip out of the closet and whip yourself with it for the whole month. We can understand that things hurt for a few minutes, but you can’t be bitter about having lost a bet that you saw won.

                                    Take out the rage

Rage is like gases, better outside than inside. So please, if you’re frustrated by the loss, it can’t stay that way. Scream, jump, unleash your anger on Twitter, break something or do whatever you think is necessary to release that anger that has been accumulated.

betting is like this

It is something that you have to accept as soon as possible. This is a game, and in games, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, and this time, you have lost in the hardest possible way. So please, try to be more optimistic. You think that if you have lost at the last minute this time, you are getting closer to winning in the last minute.

                               Get over it or walk away

If you are not able to overcome a painful defeat after all this, you better stop betting as soon as possible. Because we didn’t want to tell you this will happen again, and the more you play, the more chances you have of it continuing to happen. So do yourself a favor. If you see that losing a bet at the last minute makes your existence bitter, better not bet. It is true that we are here to make money, but not at any price. Gambling is like a roller coaster, and you only have to ride if you have a good time. If you already know that you suffer, it is better not to do it.


If you are willing to enjoy it very hard when you win a bet at the last minute, you also have to be willing to lose it on the last play of the match. Yes, it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world either, and I’m sure you’ll hit the ball next time.

                  When I have placed a bet, can it be canceled?

Things as they are, at some point, we have all clicked on “make a bet,” and we have regretted it at that very moment. As it will surely happen to you, if it has not already happened to you, we warn you that NO, bets cannot be canceled. Let’s calm down because what many bookmakers allow us is the advance payment of your bet. Or what is the same to recover the amount, or part of it, before it begins? But do yourself a favor, think twice, and count to a thousand before hitting the button.

                          Are welcome bonuses a scam?

Surely you have been told that the welcome bonuses of the bookmakers are more of a scam. Well, we have to tell you that they are lying to you. The bookmakers will not give you 100 bucks to buy video games. They give them to you to bet on. So less complaining and more reading the terms and conditions of the promotions.

         What happens to my bet if the match has been canceled?

In this case, the first thing we have to do is calm down because no decent bookmaker will keep your money in case a match is canceled. Nor can we give you a more specific answer because it depends on each bookmaker and how the event was canceled. They usually

return it to you at the moment, but if this is not the case, our advice is to contact the customer service of your bookmaker as soon as possible. But don’t worry, no one is going to keep your money.

                          I won! When will my bet be paid?

Soon, very soon. Normally all the bookmakers make you the deposit a few minutes after the referee whistles the end of the match. Think that it is a completely automated process, so it will take very little time. Yes, when you win, you want your money in your pocket right away, but it’s not going to give you something for waiting a few seconds. In fact, by the time you finished reading this article, you would already have the warm money in your account.

If the odds have changed, what will be applied to my bet?

Yes, many times, the quotas indeed move more. But, no matter what happens, the rate that will always be applied to your bet is the one that was marked when you made it. So don’t fret if the odds go up or down because the money that will be deposited in your account is what they already said when you hit the bet button.

Do you have it clear? To bet! If you have already noticed that you are more than ready to place your bet after reading this article, we leave you the best bookmakers.